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Desktop Wallpaper Installation Instructions

1)    Find your screen resolution: Computer screens are usually set for either 800 X 600 resolution or 1024 X 768 resolution.  If you do not know your resolution, you can find out by the following: click “Start” > place pointer on “Settings” > click on “Control Panel” > double click “Display” > click the tab labeled “Settings” > read the resolution in the box labeled “Screen Resolution”.  If your screen resolution is more than 1024 X 768, use this resolution.

2)    Download Picture: To download a picture, click on the resolution that corresponds to your screen resolution.

3)    Right Click:  Place your pointer on the picture after it has fully loaded and right click.  A box will appear with several choices.

4)    Choose “Set as Wallpaper” or “Set as Background”: Place your pointer and click.

5)    Alternatively, choose “Save As”:  Rather than immediately selecting “Set as Wallpaper” it is possible to place the picture in memory (save to disk) for later use.  

Reduce the Icon Clutter - Store Some Icons

Is your computer desktop screen littered with icons?  Are there icons that you either never or seldom use?    Are you afraid to eliminate any icons, so you live with icon clutter? 
You can create a new folder (icon) to hold all your other icons that you don’t frequently use.  This folder icon will still be on your desktop screen and all the other icons inside are accessible with one click. 


1)    Shrink or close your browser so that you can see your computer desktop screen.
2)    Right click on the screen (not on any icon) 
3)    A box will appear, select “New” 
4)     Select “Folder”
5)    A folder will appear with the name “New Folder” highlighted. 
6)    Press the “backspace” key to eliminate this name.
7)    Type the word “ICONS” (or anything else) as the new folder name 
8)    Put your pointer over a seldom used icon and hold down the left button as you drag the icon to the “Icons” folder.  Release the button to drop the icon into the folder.  Repeat this with all the low usage icons that are cluttering up your computer desktop.

A few icons may refuse to go into the Icon folder. They will reappear again in their original place.  These icons cannot be put in the folder, so move on to other icons. A few icons may generate a box asking whether you really want to insert the icons.  Nothing is lost by inserting icons, but if you have any doubt, just click “no” in the box and the icon will appear in its original position.  The goal is to be left with 16 or less icons.  Drag the frequently used icons to the edge of the desktop screen to maximize the viewing area of the desktop background pictures.  Now, the breathtaking background pictures have an uncluttered area on your computer screen.
NOTE: (Windows XP can do the above steps automatically.  Go to: Start > Control Panel > Display> Desktop > Customize Desktop > Clean Desktop Now)

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