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Website Philosophy

This website has no advertising and no membership hassle because the site is being provided as a free service to brighten your day.  The cheerful photos on this site are specifically designed to give you a little lift.

About John

Hi, I am John Macken, and I am not a professional photographer.  I am a scientific inventor with about 30 patents.  Most of my inventions deal with lasers and optics.  I have also started three laser related companies.
While I have always taken snapshots, my interest in photography changed in October 2001 when I got a digital camera.  The digital camera made it possible to immediately see the result of an experimental picture.  I also liked the freedom to be able to take virtually an unlimited number of photos.

I found that some types of pictures look much better on a computer monitor than they do on paper.  This is because the monitor has an internal illumination that can enhance the brilliance and generally make some photos look more vivid.  I decided to start this website when several of my friends independently chose my photos as desktop wallpaper. Less than 5% of my digital photos meet my standards for inclusion on this site.

Camera Equipment

The camera that I used to take almost all of the photos on this website is a Sony MVC-CD300.  This is a 3-mega-pixel camera that uses a mini CD disk to record the photos.  Each inexpensive mini CD can store about 200 pictures at the 2048 X 1536 standard resolution.  With this storage capacity, I can take 600 photos on a vacation and I never have to worry about running out of memory. 

One essential attachment for this camera is called an “Eye Level Finder."  This permits me to put the camera up to my eye and clearly see the picture that is on the LCD viewing screen.  I have found that this allows me to really see what the picture is going to look like before I take it.   Viewfinders on most other cameras only are pointing devices.
More than half the pictures on this website were shot using the macro setting on the camera.   I do not own a telephoto lens.  I always want to make the viewers feel as if they are viewing the scene in person.  This feeling cannot be achieved with the unnatural image flattening of a telephoto lens.

Sony has discontinued the CD 300 camera and replaced it with their CD 400 (4 mega pixel) and soon a new CD 500 (5 mega pixel).  A review of the CD300 camera is at:
The specifications of the CD 500 are available at:

Submitting Photos

If you agree with the philosophy of this website, you can submit photos for possible inclusion in this website.  You would be given credit for taking the photo in the description area next to each photo.  You would own the copyright, but you would agree to the free use of your photo for noncommercial purposes.  Any inquiries about using your photos for commercial purposes would be forwarded to you and you could charge for commercial use.

To submit a photo, e-mail a 640 X 480 size photo to: 
If it fits with this website style, I will contact you with further information.


The photos on this website are copyrighted.  Anyone can use these photos for their private purposes, but any commercial use requires written permission.  If you want to use photos for commercial purposes, please send an e-mail to:

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