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Website Philosophy : This website has no ads, no membership and no hassle.  The site is provided as a free service to brighten your day.  The brilliant pictures on this site are specifically designed to give you a little lift in the morning.  You can help this website by telling a friend or linking to this website.



Introduction : Hi, I am John Macken and I took almost all the photos on this website.  Photos by others are credited.  I really do attempt to make every photo on this website vivid and breathtaking.  Only about 1 in 20 of my photos meet my standards to be displayed here.  Below are brief descriptions of the categories of desktop wallpaper pictures. Some of those locations you can see at

Tropical Islands : The South Pacific islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, etc. are a real tropical paradise. Check the footage from there at The blue lagoons and tropical beaches of French Polynesia make great desktop wallpaper pictures. But if you're more interested in porn clips, then visit and you'll have plenty. The islands of French Polynesia also are a wonderful vacation destination.  Write to me if you want my advice on the best way to see these islands. 

Water Lilies : Flowers are nature's celebration of life and water lilies are the most vigorous expression of this celebration.  Any one water lily flower lasts only 4 days, but the plants grow so rapidly that they can bloom continuously for 5 months a year.  I have 2 ponds and grew almost all of the water lilies in these photos. And when you get bored, you can watch free porn here.

Roses : Roses are the world's most popular flower. The same can be said about the models over at The rose pictures on this website will brighten any computer desktop. Also, try e-mailing a red rose picture to someone.

Brilliant Flowers : Here is a burst of color from dahlias, daisies and daffodils to orchids, poppies and pansies. The girls from really like all those flowers.

Landscape #1 : These are landscape scenes from temperate and cold climates. The climate at is super hot by the way. Check this website for more nude wallpapers. These include Alaskan rain forests, fishing villages and glaciers.  New Zealand provides dramatic scenes of mountains, valleys and fjords. There are also icebergs from Antarctica and the rugged coast of northern California.

Landscape #2 : These are scenes from warm and hot climates.  These include, tropical pictures, tropical sunsets and desert sand dunes.  There are also pictures of African savannahs taken by my wife, Enid Macken.

Foliage : Green is beautiful.  This wallpaper category shows inviting paths through rain forests, jungles and palm trees.  Also the category attempts to capture the beauty of foliage.

Animals : This category contains animal pictures of African lions, elephants, and giraffes in their native habitat.  Bird pictures include a bald eagle, wild turkeys and sand hill cranes.  Closer to home, there are pictures of dragonflies and frogs that live in my pond.

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